Mealworm Frass

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Enhance your gardening experience with our premium mealworm frass fertilizer. Don’t miss out on our special limited-time discount, as prices are set to return to their standard rates in just a few days!

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Introduction: Frass mealworms, heralded as an innovative and sustainable alternative in animal nutrition, are gaining popularity for their distinctive benefits. Derived from the excrement of mealworms, known as frass, these remarkable creatures offer a nutrient-rich and eco-friendly solution for pets, reptiles, and wild birds.

Transition: Moreover, their dual functionality sets them apart. Not only do mealworms serve as a high-protein dietary supplement, but the frass component also acts as a potent organic fertilizer. Rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, frass enhances soil fertility and promotes healthier plant growth. This dual-purpose feature makes mealworms an environmentally conscious choice for pet owners and garden enthusiasts alike.

Understanding Frass: Delving into the basics, itis the excrement of mealworms, sourced from high-quality organic vegetables grown on our hobby farm.

Exploring Chitin: Furthermore, understanding the power of chitin is crucial. Essentially, chitin is the exoskeleton shedding of a growing mealworm, acting as a 100% natural biopesticide. It triggers plants to produce stronger stalks and leaves, functioning like a vaccine against pests and fungal pathogens.

Our Processing Method: To ensure freshness, our meticulous multi-layer sifting process, conducted every two weeks using mesh sifters, guarantees the highest quality frass and chitin.

Practical Application: For practical application, frass serves as an excellent fertilizer for all plants. Whether used in hydroponics, compost teas, or soil amendments, it remains a versatile choice. To avoid overuse, adhere to the recommended dosage of 1 tablespoon per gallon of water or per square foot of soil.

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