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How Much Bedding Should I Buy?

We recommend the following in FAQs:

  • 1/2 lb bran per 1000 Mealworms (med and lg)
  • 1 lb bran per 1000 Giant Mealworms
  • 2 lb bran per 1000 Superworms

When Will My Order Arrive?

We ship the same day you order Monday – Friday before 11 am PST (2:00 pm EST). Exceptions include:

  • Crickets: Ship Monday through Wednesday (unless shipped using 1-Day option or Saturday delivery)
  • FedEx 2nd Day: Ships Monday through Wednesday
  • FedEx Next Day: Ships Monday through Thursday

Orders exceeding 1000 will label USPS as shipping the following day.

Do You Ship To Canada?

Yes, choose Canada at checkout. We ship the same day before noon Pacific Time via FedEx Priority or Express. Check ship times using zip code 54000 on FedEx Transit Times.

Your order may be subject to importation tax. Investigate before purchase.

Do You Have Free Shipping?

No true ‘free’ shipping; we keep feeder prices low, allowing customers to choose shipping method. Pay one low fee for multiple items.

Can I Break My Order Into Smaller Bags/Boxes?

Yes! Per bag cost of 250 each for worms and per box charge of 70 for mealworms.

My Butterworms Arrived With A Dark Disc In The Cup!

Normal for Butterworms to form a doughnut-shaped nest during shipping. Gently pull apart the nest to find your worms inside.

Raising My Own Mealworms – Why Are They Turning Black?

Pupae turning black may result from insufficient moisture during the larval stage end. Maintain proper depth, sift often, and avoid overheating.

My Worms Smell Bad, What Am I Doing Wrong?

Likely, substrate is too deep. Keep FAQs bedding shallower than 2″ to prevent bacterial and fungal growth.

Why Don’t You Include Bedding?

During warmer months, mealworms eat bedding, generating excess heat and mold. Purchase our custom milled bran separately.

Why Don’t You Include A Packing Slip?

Reduce paper use; an electronic order confirmation is sent. Leave a note at checkout for a slip if preferred.

Worms Ate The Newspaper!! Can I Still Feed Them To My Animals?

Soy newspaper is non-toxic. Safe for animals, providing FAQs surface area for movement during shipping.

Are Your Giant Mealworms GMO?

No, not genetically modified. Giant mealworms result from maintaining growth hormone levels, redirecting energy into growth.

What Are These Fuzzy Caterpillars In My Worms?

Dermestid beetles and larvae

These are the larvae of the Dermestid beetle.  They are a harmless species that we use as a safe and biological way to keep our bins clean.  We are strongly against the use of chemicals with our mealworms and so we have them hand-picked when we sort our worms for sale. Because we are all natural, we have the occasional larvae and/or beetle come with your shipment.

We assure you they are harmless and your animals can safely eat them!

We also sell them as “Cleaner crew” for your own use; they will also eat any dead insects or decaying plant matter that are in your bins for you.

Do You Gut Load Your Worms And Crickets? 

We have had this on the drawing board a couple of times and every time when we weigh the pros and cons the proposal is scrapped.  Reptiles and birds can suffer from hyper-vitaminosis especially from vitamin A.  We worry that if we are adding vitamins to our insects, and the customer adds vitamins that the cumulative amount could potentially be detrimental to your animal’s health.  Instead we feed our worms wheat bran and carrots that are naturally rich in vitamins.  We stand by our long-time company mission to be an all-natural farm and leaving the choice of adding artificial addition of vitamins FAQs and minerals up to the customer at home.

Why Is My Order Still In Compton?

USPS often doesn’t scan in packages as they leave our hub on days when their customers drop off many thousands of packages.  Instead, they send them out in a batch FAQs shipment that won’t be scanned again until they reach your local sorting facility.  

Because of this your package will appear to be still at our farm for several days.  Rest assured it is traveling behind the scenes and is on its way to you.

Why Won’t My Credit Card Process? 

Errors are only generated if the credit card number was entered incorrectly or if the card has insufficient funds. The most common cause is that the billing zip code provided doesn’t match what the bank has on file. If you are having trouble, please feel free to call or email Support (ayyanshiraz28@gmail.com).

What Species Crickets Do You Sell?

We grow all natural (no added chemicals or vitamins) Banded crickets (Gryllodes sigillatus).  We can ship these to all 50 states any time of year.

If your shipping address is in the state of California, we can also ship you Black Field Crickets (Gryllodes bimaculatus).  This order can be placed via email at ayyanshiraz28@gmail.com

Why Can’t I See The Rewards Program?

If you are on a mobile device you will need to scroll to the bottom of any page and request the ‘standard view”


What Is The Nutritional Content Of Your Feeders?

Nutritional Content of Feeders

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