ZooMed 6″ Feeding Tongs




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Meet our versatile Feeder Tongs—a perfect solution for hand-feeding a variety of pets, including reptiles, birds, small animals, and aquarium fish. We crafted these tongs with meticulous care, using durable plastic construction.

Key Features:

  1. Durable Plastic Construction: These feeder tongs are robust and safe, offering a secure alternative to metal. Their rounded edges ensure gentle handling.
  2. Increased Reach: Our Feeder Tongs, with a 6-inch overall length and a 4.7-inch tongs portion, extend your reach into habitats for precise feeding in larger enclosures.
  3. Ideal for Various Pets: Tailored for reptiles, birds, small animals, and various aquarium fish, these tongs are versatile and essential for pet enthusiasts.
  4. Hygienic Handling: Maintain cleanliness during feeding with our tongs, preventing direct contact between your fingers and pet food for a more sanitary feeding process.
  5. Undivided “Handle” Design: The 1.3-inch undivided “handle” ensures a comfortable grip, enhancing control and precision for an enjoyable feeding experience for both you and your pets.
  6. Six-Inch Overall Length: Emphasizing durability, these feeder tongs, constructed with durable plastic, provide a balanced and practical tool for feeding various pets.

Elevate your feeding routine with our Feeder Tongs, prioritizing the well-being of your beloved pets with a durable, safe, and hygienic feeding tool.


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